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Euro bike testing scrapped

Picture: Wim Taal

The European Parliament by a large majority voted in favour of the compromise proposal from the European Commission on a European regulation for the periodic technical inspection (PTI) of motor vehicles.

This compromise proposal will include that the PTI for motorcycles is postponed until 2022.

If the Member States in the five years prior to that date take adequate measures to improve the safety of motorcycles the PTI can be waived. FEMA assumes that this will happen.

In the event that Member States do introduce a periodical technical inspection, for whatever reason, the Member States can now decide how they will organize the PTI and the frequency with which the inspection will take place .

FEMA spokesman Dolf Willigers reports from Strasbourg: “This is a great victory for the National organizations and FEMA. Without close cooperation of our organizations with befriended MEP’s and particularly the Dutch and French government, we would never have been able to achieve this result.”