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Denmark: new and tougher efforts against illegal motorcycle parts

Measures like an immediate driving ban or exhaust systems that are confiscated, that’s what is happening to motorcyclists in Denmark who get caught with non-approved equipment on their bike.

Here is an article by Danish motorcyclists’ organisation DMC (a member of FEMA), warning riders.

“We have recently received reports from Danish motorcyclists who have experienced roadside inspections in Denmark, where the course sounds like it has tightened up quite a bit compared to last year. It sounds like it is mainly retrofitted exhaust systems that are looked at strictly.

We have been informed by our German sister organisation that the German police have also lowered the tolerance for what is checked on motorcycles, in order to put an end to illegalities. In Germany, it is not only exhaust pipes without approval that are cracked down on, but also mirrors, fairing glass and reflectors without a KBA no. or EU-/ECE mark, will now be dealt with firmly. Furthermore, the inspector can measure whether the various parts comply with area and distance requirements. It can be the height of the reflector at the back, height of the brake light on the top box, and height of the additional dipped beam. There are far more requirements than these examples.

When you buy a non-original part for your motorcycle, for example a mirror, you should pay attention to whether the part is approved with CE marking or similar. If not, you must be prepared to obtain an approval certificate, which must be carried while driving. This applies both in Denmark and in other countries.”

DMC would love to hear from motorcyclists who have experienced a roadside sighting. Feel free to write to DMC by email.

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Source: DMC

Top photograph courtesy of Boosted Magazine

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