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COVID-19: statement by the FEMA president

We are all living in difficult times and maybe riding your motorcycle is not your first concern right now. As president of FEMA, the voice of European riders, I’d like to share some thoughts with you.

Anna Zee, FEMA president.

The political motorcycle work continues across Europe, in your own country as well as Brussels. FEMA staff are working from home with planned meetings turned into conference calls.

FEMA member organizations are also continuing to work as much as possible where circumstances allow, often from home. Several organizations have had to cancel or postpone not just political work meetings, but also their own internal meetings and fundraising events such as rallies.

Motorcycling isn’t going to disappear but all of us need to ensure that the organizations which represent us, fighting to keep motorcycling safe and affordable, remain healthy too. So please, even if you’re not riding for a while, support your national organization with your subscription. Make sure you renew your membership, or if you are not a member join today! You will find our national member organizations here.

If you can do more, and you’re not riding now, perhaps donate the cost of a tank of petrol to your national organization or even to FEMA (click on ‘donate’ on the right of this article).

Let us all show solidarity across Europe with our national organizations and also with motorcycle-related businesses and their employees. Help to make sure the motorcycling community is ready to flourish again when the worst of the pandemic is over. We can get through this together!

Stay safe.

Anna Zee,
FEMA president.