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Bigger isn’t always better

The Cyprus Motorcyclists Rights Club (CMRC) – a member of FEMA – has succeeded to have the legal size of motorcycle number plates reduced.

The bill, which includes the change of license plates for motorcycles to a smaller size, has been passed by parliament and is effective immediately.

Over the years, CMRC has conducted extensive research on the subject and sent letters to the competent bodies and rich photographic material with examples of license plate dimensions from other European countries.

The old number plates’ size was 24cm x 20cm. The new size is 20cm x 13cm, the same size as a number plate on a 50cc motorcycle.

Marios Constantinides, CMRC’s president (photo by Wim Taal).

Marios Constantinides, CMRC’s president said: “It was very difficult to make the government understand the problem they created about ten years ago, but the director of the vehicles department of the ministry offered to help. With the help of FEMA and its member organisations, with hundreds of photos with problematic motorcycles number plates we managed to win. We can now use the 50cc size number plates for all motorcycles. We were able to use all this evidence to convince the members of the parliament too. This success has been one of the goals of our Club since its inception and we are very pleased with this positive development.”

Source: CMRC

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